Custom Fashion Jewelry

In the same way that we can design an engagement ring or eternity band from scratch, we can also help you design any piece of jewelry your heart desires! 

Similar to the custom bridal process, our jewelry experts help you determine a budget and timeline based around your ideas. 

Have a photo of something you like? Bring it in or send it to us! We can help recreate it to suit your taste and needs. 

In addition, we can help you repurpose old and unused jewelry into something modern and new.

Have your grandmother's wedding ring, but feel like it's a bit outdated? We can create a setting so it looks and feels brand new. Love the stones and gems in your mother's vintage bracelet but the setting isn't your style? We can help you create a pendant or set the stones in earrings that you will love to wear every day! 

The options are endless! Send us an email or give us a call to schedule a custom appointment today. 

Looking for something more simple? We have endless customizable necklaces right here on our website.